Hi everyone, this blog shares some quick showcases from Nanakey’s and my developing StarCraft II mod. We has developed for two years and finally we finished most of the works and ready to release it in next few months.

The story happens in a universe that Human Being faces alien  invasion. Instead of “Blizzard Entertainment” in real world, there is an organization called “Blizzard Enforcement” in this Sci-fi world, the players of blizzard games become agents and  defiance. The Starcraft becomes tactical training software while Overwatch becomes combat simulation tool, etc. You will be able to use “Captain Blizzard” and “Imba man” to join the battle field and save the world.

It’s our tribute to Blizzard developer team and their Epic game Starcraft II.


Vehicle combat in space:


Escort mission in the desert:


HUD Navigation system:


Boss “Kai”:


Combat in reactor room:


Emergency evacuation: