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Welcome to the little frog’s home!

My name is Yang Li, SC2 modders usually call me Delphinium in the community. I am a skilled VFX artist which good at mainstream 3D softwares and Blizzard Starcraft II art tool. I have kept working on non-profit SC2 mod projects and served a lot of SC2 mod teams around the world for years. Please contact me if you need help on SC2 models.

Best wishes and En taro Zeratul!

Contact information:

Email: jifengxiang1@gmail.com

Battle.net ID: Delphinium

SC2Mapster ID: Delphinium1987

Skype: delphiniumfrog

Phone: (+86)15221824386

QQ(For Chinese friends): 356171669

Linkedin: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/yang-li-b12450128

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