Hi everyone, I will keep uploading more tutorials on Starcraft II art tool, if you have requests please leave me a message. Wish you like them~

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 Tutorial on “PhysX death models” in StarcraftII

This tutorial shows how to create PhysX death models effects in SC2. It contains three major parts:
Making fragments and create explosion animations in 3dsmax NVIDIA physX tool;
Adding explosion VFX and decay animations in SC2 Art tool;
Adding physical objects and simulate event in SC2 art tool.


Tutorial of Animation Transfer in SC2

This tutorial video shows how to transfer animations from one character to another in SC2. Using this skill you can increase the assets of animation for you characters very easily.

Two different ways to create Protoss braid in StarcraftII

This tutorial video shows two different solution on how to create Protoss braids in Starcraft II, first one is used in original SC2 and the second one is used in HotS.

Tutorial of “Warp in” FX in SC2 

This tutorial shows how to create a “Warp in” effect in SC2. The key is you need additional UV channels (usually UV channel 2 or 3) and UV offset animation to achieve that.

Tutorial on “placement model” in starcraft II

This tutorial shows how to make placement models for different race buildings in SC2.

Tutorial on “carpet bombing effect” in starcraft II

This tutorial shows a complex particle effects in SC2, the bomb in this tutorial can smartly find the terrain and triggered the explosion when it hit the ground (or objects).



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